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Nice to
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I’m Kiah Smith

The brand strategist and designer behind KSC. Hailing from New Haven, CT, I specialize in working with passionate business owners to create handcrafted brands.

Kiah Smith

Thoughtfully Building Brands


Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Brand Assets

Web Design
Social Media Graphics

Package Design
Marketing Collateral
Creative Direction


So what's my story?

Growing up, I knew I either wanted to be an artist or a veterinarian. After studying agriculture, I quickly decided that tending to sick animals wasn't my cup of tea so I began focusing on the arts. I decided to study graphic design in university and began freelancing while earning my BS. Soon after graduation, I founded KSC and maintained it as a side gig for years while I focused on working my way up to an agency position as an Art Director. Eventually, I made the decision to make KSC my primary focus and run it full-time as a design studio.

I’m here to be your creative partner.

In the last 10 years that I’ve been a designer, I’ve picked up a lot of info about best design practices and industry positioning. I’m eager to use my knowledge and skills to support you in your journey to grow your business. Whether it’s acting as a soundboard for your ideas, creating the brand assets you need or brainstorming how to turn an idea into a new service offering, I’m ready to collaborate with you.