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Brand Development

Brand development is a step-by-step process that can take up to 4 weeks or more depending on your specific needs. During the time that we’re working together, we will be taking a deep dive into your business to discover its driving force. The info we gather will be used to define your brand identity and position your brand to appeal to your ideal audience.

I’ve put together this brief overview to give you an idea of what to expect when you work with KSC.

Building A Brand

Step 1: The Brief

We get clear about what you need.

All projects start with a consultation. This is your opportunity to tell me exactly what you’re looking to achieve with your brand development. If you have specific brand assets that you need (logo, website, social media headers, etc.) this is the time for you to list it all out for me. If you have a specific date that some items are needed by (ie. pop-up banner for an upcoming trade show) bring it to my attention. I know you have deadlines to meet and I’m happy to expedite the pertinent brand assets.

The information I gather in the brief will be used to create the project milestones.

If you’re not sure exactly what you need, that’s okay! I offer a standard brand design package that has everything you’d need to get your business rolling.

Step 2: Brand Discovery

Let’s Discover the Heart of Your Brand

Brand discovery is figuring out the driving force behind your business. I’ll ask a lot of questions to gain an understanding of your business and its current positioning. My goal is to identify the value you offer beyond your products or services. By understanding your core strengths we can create a brand that’s unique to you and your industry.

Brand Foundation

Step 3: Build the Foundation

The Beginning of a Brand

Now that we know what makes up the core of your brand, we can start expanding on it. In this step we begin looking at how you fit into your industry as a whole and who your ideal audience is. This is where your brand personality starts to develop. We’ll choose a style and develop your brand’s voice making sure that it has a look and feel that resonates with your audience.

Step 4: Design & Refine

Let’s Create a Brand Identity

Style ✔

Voice ✔ 

Personality ✔

This step is where we tackle all the brand assets you listed in the brief. Whether it’s a logo, business cards, packaging or something else, I always follow the same design process. I’ll first draw up a concept or draft a layout and present it to you. We’ll then refine the design until it’s perfect.

If one of your brand assets is a website, I have a multi-phase process to build it from the ground up.

Brand Identity

Step 5: Implement & Deliver

Brand Wrap-up

Your brand is complete! All that’s left is to package up your final files in their various formats and send them over to you. I will include a help guide that explains how to use each logo file type. I’ll also put together a brand style guide that summarizes all the brand development work we’ve done and can be used as a reference for you or anyone you work with to maintain the brand we’ve built.

If you are getting a website, I will also walk you through its back end before pushing it live.