Why I Use Squarespace for Web Design

Squarespace is an all-in-one web design tool packed with a multitude of features and benefits. For these reasons and more, Squarespace has become my preferred platform for web design. Here are some of the top reasons Squarespace has become my go-to web design tool.


Beautifully Functional

Squarespace offers an array of award-winning templates built from the ground up by a team of expert designers and developers. They've used the latest HTML, CSS and Javascript techniques to ensure that your website functions and looks good across modern browsers and devices. They are also continually managing and improving the platform from behind the scenes.

You Are Secure

Those same awesome developers that created the templates are also responsible for keeping your website safe. Squarespace has built-in protection from malware, malicious web traffic, and faulty plug-ins.

Commerce is also highly secure with SSL encryption, free SSL certificates for every website, and all transactions are handled by Stripe, Squarespace's PCI compliant payment gateway of choice.

Rest assured knowing that any website built on the Squarespace platform is protected across the board.

So many features! 

Squarespace was created in 2003 out of the desire for an all-in-one, do-it-yourself web publishing solution. Anthony Casalena, the creator and CEO of Squarespace, was unhappy with the existing web design platforms available at the time and developed Squarespace to be easy to use and packed with features. (Source: First Round Review)

Features include, but are not limited to:

  • Customizable content layouts and style settings
  • Automatically responsive designs
  • Connected 3rd party services
  • Websites can have multiple contributors
  • Blogging and commenting system
  • Built-in commerce
  • Search engine optimization
  • Built-in site analytics
  • Free selection of fonts

For a full list of features, visit Squarespace's own feature index.

Saves Time & Money

Because Squarespace was developed with the do-it-yourselfer in mind, it's extremely user friendly. They've built a content management system that let's you easily drag-and-drop your content to create customized layouts. You don't have to type a lick of code to create a great website. This means that when I design websites with Squarespace, I can work much faster.

Like a ripple effect, my savings in time means I can charge less for my web design services. This makes my services feasible to those who previously may not have been able to afford a full-blown web development project.

Easy Client Hand-Off

At the end of every web design project I do a training. I walk all my clients through the back end of their site and show them how to create pages, edit content and layouts, show them where I've installed custom coding, and what not to touch. It usually takes less than an hour to go through everything and I've found that people are always impressed with how easy it will be to manage their new site.

Using Squarespace has been freeing for me and my clients. Once the project is complete, there's no longer a need for clients to enter into a retainer agreement with me or for me to be on-call to manage their site. Squarespace empowers them to manage their own site. If they change their mind about an image or want to update some text, they have the ability to do it themselves. Hand-off is now easy and pain free!